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The Gö3-Minimoa gains fans worldwide - and there are new accessories

Hello dear slow flyer friends,

there hasn't been an update for a long time. But now the monthly blog continues.

A lot has happened since August, especially with the Gö3-Minimoa. In Germany / EU the demand was very high and we got very great feedback.

But the model was not only the new hit in Europe, Tony can now also take off in the rest of the world. Especially in his home market China.

As the demand continues to grow rapidly, Tony has now had to take far-reaching measures in terms of production capacity - it is no longer possible to handle the quantities demanded on his own.

So he has asked his parents for help and hired additional helpers. Together we hope to be able to keep delivery times constant.

But not only in terms of production capacity there have been many challenges in recent months, also in the procurement of our most important raw material balsa wood.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, the production of balsa wood in South America and the rest of the world has been severely restricted, which has led to sharp price increases and long delivery times. However, we have managed to put sufficient building materials "on the side" and hope for an early "recovery" of the market.

However, the supply chain between Tony > Sebastian has also been disrupted by the renewed Corona Shut-Down in Europe. Many important flight routes have been cancelled here, resulting in a huge parcel jam.

But also this problem will be solved within this week. Tomorrow Sebastian will receive the long-awaited first delivery from Tony and he will be able to fulfil all orders straight away.

Furthermore, our Chinese customers have sent us many pictures of their Gö3. You can see a few here:

The Gö3 Minimoa - pictures of our chinese customers

New accessories

But also in the category of our Slow Flyer accessories we have created new offers. Many customers like to modify their Slow Flyer models and need more and more often some additional carbon rods, magnets and screws. From now on we also offer these separately.

1. ESC for brushless motors, compatible with our receivers, article name: MX-3A from crossover-rx

2. Carbon rods (Ø 1 mm, 200 mm length), single

3. Mini magnets (Ø 3 mm), single

4. Min screw (Ø 0.65 mm, 3 mm length), single

5. Heat shrinkable tube ( Ø 1 mm, 50 mm length), single

6. Fleece hinges (1 sheet with 18 hinges), single

A new Slow Flyer model is currently not in the pipeline, we both have too much other work to do.

Expansion in Europe

Of course we ship Europe / Worldwide via our own website, but we are now also listed on, where our Swedish customers can order their model planes without shipping costs starting end of November.

This was our little update on the last 3 months.

We have mastered many challenges, we are looking forward to the next ones!

We wish you and your family a merry Christmas, if we don't hear from each other before!

Stay well and healthy,

Tony and Sebastian


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